CAFM solutions for Space, Personnel and Facilities Management

A Computer Aided Facilities Management system provides the user with an efficient means to track and manage their facilities, space, personnel and equipment.  Clearedge uses Aperture VIEW, Aperture Visual Web Solution and Aperture Facility Request to provide this functionality.  Aperture has it's own built-in relational database and can also integrate seamlessly with external databases for increased functionality.

Typically companies require extensive customization to meet their needs.  Clearedge is a project oriented company that works with clients from the conceptualization and design phase through development and implementation.

Aperture is fully networkable and multi-user, so facilities projects can grow and develop to include other disciplines that could benefit though integration of graphics and data such as maintenance departments and human resources.

A visual database system integrates visual information with database information.  Integration of visual information such as drawings and graphics with information stored in databases has applications in many fields. Some of the many uses this technology can be used for are:

  • Tenant/Office Space. Track and manage department and personnel space usage.
  • Furniture/Equipment Allocation. Track and manage furniture and equipment allocation.
  • Facility/Work Order Requests. Web based system for submitting and responding to tenant needs.
  • HVAC/Lighting/Plumbing. Track and manage building systems and maintenance.
  • Door Locks/Key Codes.  Track and manage door locks and key codes and personnel assignments.
  • Museums. Track and manage collections (and publish on the Internet)
  • Utility Companies. Track maintenance records for cables, pipes, switches, transformers.
  • Forestry Departments, Arboretums, Golf Courses. Track maintenance records for trees and lawn areas.
  • Cemeteries. Track and manage burial plots, plot maintenance, lawn maintenance.
  • Municipal Streets Departments. Track and manage maintenance records for traffic lights and switches.
  • Municipal Sewer Departments. Track maintenance records for sewer pipe system.
  • ... and anything where database information linked to graphics and drawings can be of value.

Management of these spaces and objects typically consists of extensive reporting functions.  In a visual database, reporting can be more then tabular reports.  Reports can include graphic printouts showing relevant objects highlighted.  For instance, a printout showing computers or phones to be replaced/upgraded, a printout showing HVAC filters needing replacement, a printout showing all trees requiring disease treatment or fertilization, or a printout showing all street lights requiring inspection, or anything you can imagine.

Please see the following PDF datasheets from Aperture:

Aperture VIEW Space Management

Aperture VIEW Personnel Occupancy

Aperture Visual Web Solution

Aperture Facility Request

Aperture is a global provider of enterprise software solutions that enable organizations around the world to strategically manage their business infrastructure. With Aperture solutions, companies increase operational efficiency and make better business decisions.  Aperture software solutions utilize advanced visualization and work-process technology to help organizations optimize their infrastructure. Founded in 1987, Aperture is headquartered in Stamford, CT, with offices and partners located worldwide.

Aperture is ideally suitable to many applications requiring integration of visual and database information and has many desirable properties such as:

  • Aperture is designed to be used by many people at the same time across a network and the web.

  • Aperture has outstanding graphic capabilities, providing easy to read, pleasing to look at graphics.

  • Aperture accesses external databases as remote tables which are an integral part of the Aperture system.

  • In Aperture, because the graphics and database systems were built together from the ground up, there are no integration problems. Changes in one side of the system are instantly reflected in the other side.


Selected Clearedge CAFM project images for your review:

Typical facilities floor plan to track personnel, office and department areas, telephone information and furniture.

Typical Facilities Floor Plan
Palettes allow easy access to drawings, reports, tables, layer sets and many other project functions.
Typical Drawing Palettes
Navigation maps facilitate access to project drawings.
Typical Navigation Map
Key plan navigation is used on some projects.
Key Plan Drawing Navigation

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